Thursday, April 22, 2010

Swamp Visit and Carolina Chickadee Hatchings

My dear friend Janis came over for lunch. She wanted to see the Swamp which is a only about 3 miles from me.  It is listed as a Birding Hot Spot. A Biologist visits once a year to check on a rare plant that flowers somewhere in the Swamp. You have to take a small boat to find it and he won't share where it is located. 

Well what we found was not pretty.  Some fools had a beer party and trashed the place. Someone even "pooped" in a cooler with a broken lid.  How very disgusting!  I visit there often and never have I seen it littered like this.  We didn't have bags or gloves (we would have needed was that bad) to clean it up. We were both very upset.

I placed a call to a local official (who happens to be my ex-boss) and he is going to check this out. He is even going to try to get it cleaned-up and try to get the Swamped listed as a "Protected Area" and have it paroled regularly. I am feeling better.

We saw several Red-Wing Blackbirds and one large bird that was too far for me to get a decent picture. This Red-Wing was a little far away...but is my first picture of this pretty bird.:)

After we got back and had lunch. We waited for Mama Chickadee to leave the nestbox. I just knew that some eggs had hatched as Mom and maybe Dad were bringing in food and I was right. Now I am a proud Grandma to baby Carolina Chickadees! 

They are sooo tiny.  I am so thrilled!  Three more to go.:)

Wishing All a Stress Free Life!  Please enjoy and do what you can to protect our Native Birds and Wildlife and the areas they need to thrive.  I do it for our future generations.



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