Sunday, April 18, 2010

Re-Doing My Water Garden

My Son and I spent most of the day re-doing my water garden.  He said he had never done one before but I think he was lying!  See for yourself.  The pictures take you from the start to finish.

Tearing it apart and the draining......

A shy frog found under the rocks.  I am not sure what kind it but he played dead. We moved him to a nearby shady area.  Sure hope he returns. I love frogs.

The new liner is placed....

Replacing the rocks.....

While I cooked our lunch Ryan created the small waterfall. Am I a proud Mom or what!!!
This is a close-up of the cool waterfall.  Moving water attracts birds and is so soothing to human ears.  I love it!

I showed Ryan my new Electric Lawn Mower and he had to take it for a spin. problem ...he cut half of my yard. and was impressed with the power it has.:-D)

He also tightened my tarp.  We had fun working together.  I am very blessed to have him as my son!



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