Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Simple Tarp Roofed Porch, Flowers, and of Course Birds

My humble outside sitting area is covered my a trap.  It is supported by a recycled trampoline frame which is cemented into the ground for stability.  This is were I sit and enjoy the birds, flowers, and my water garden during the warm months.  This is where I can have several friends or family members over for lunch or dinner.  This is what you would see walking down the path from the driveway to my front door. 

My Iris' started this week. I love their fragrance.  Not bad on the eye either.

This is a close-up of the deep burgundy bearded Iris.

All my Columbine are in bloom and my lone Azalea.  Hummers really like the Columbine flowers.

Birds are already visiting my water-garden. This is a Mourning Dove. I think he/she is moulting.

 This is a mystery bird.  I "think" it is a sparrow but not sure.  If anyone can give me an I.D. I would greatly appreciate it.

House Finches love my homemade cakes as you will see.

Thanks for the visits!  Please take time to enjoy Nature where ever you are!



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