Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My New Electric Lawn Mower

My old gas lawn mower finally died.  It was old and not worth the repair costs.  I am always looking for ways to help the environment so I purchased a cordless electric mower. 

I never thought I would be excited about a "lawn mower" but I couldn't wait to get home and break it in!  It is a dream to flumes, lower motor noise, easy to start and maneuver around my flower beds.  The battery/charger has the "Energy Star".  So...maybe my electric bill won't increase that much.  It even handled some high grass.  I raised the wheels and took it slow.  Now mowing grass is not a chore.:)

Here is a picture of my new "dream" mower.

This is the best year yet for my Bleeding Hearts!

I can't tell if the Chickadees have any eggs.  I'm not poking around under the cat fur.  Their eggs will break at the slightest touch.

Thanks for the visits and wishing all a Stress-Free Life!



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