Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lunch With Friends and Mama Chickadee

Yesterday, my dear friend Janis invited me over for lunch.  Three other wonderful ladies were there one of which is also a long-time friend.  The food was great as was the conversation(s). 

Janis' place is so cool.  Her hard work has really paid-off.  Everywhere you turn there are flowers.  The large water-garden is my favorite feature.  It makes my tiny water-garden look like a mud hole.  Thanks Janis for allowing me to share this picture with my readers.

Oh....On my way home I stopped at Tracker Supply and brought a new tarp for my outside sitting area.  It was difficult but I managed to get it on the frame and secured the 4 ends.  But, I need help making it tight.  So....this is a message to my son:  Please come and help your Mama replace the water-garden liner and secure this dang tarp.  You know that you are my favorite son.  Never mind that you are my "only" son.  It sounds good anyway.:)

This morning I checked the nestboxes.  The Eastern Bluebirds are still MIA.  (sigh)  I approached the one with the Carolina Chickadee nest and lightly tapped on the side and asked if Mama was in there.  She didn't fly out so I thought she was feeding somewhere.  I opened the nestbox and this was what I found.

She just sat and looked at me.  I took a couple of pictures and thanked her for sweetly posing for me.  This has made my day!

Wishing All a great Stress-Free Day and Thanks for stopping by!



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