Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good News, Jack-in -the-Pulpit, and Eastern Towhees

The good news is that I am no longer unemployed.  I finally found a job and started it yesterday. The hours are long but I will have Wednesdays and Weekends off.  Since the unemployment rate is so high in my area....I feel very fortunate indeed!  Now I will be able to buy more flowers/plants for my birds, wildlife, and for my enjoyment.  

Every year I try to add Native flowering plants to my yard.  They are more likely to survive the crazy weather.  This Jack-in-the-Pulpit is one of my favorite native woodland plants and is considered a treasure.  It multiplies every year.  Soon I will have a nice size patch of them.  It gets it's name from the cool looking bloom.  I took this picture last week. 

I took this picture last May of the berries it produces.  They will be a bright red by mid to late Summer.  The downside is Birds and Wildlife don't seem to be interested in eating the berries.    

More and more birds are visiting my recently re-done water-garden.  Eastern Towhees are shy birds.  You really have to be sneaky to photograph them.  Last year a pair nest in the brushy area at the edge of my yard. They feed on the ground but I have seen one go to a feeder.  Their calls are a clear "tow-hee".  I have clearer pictures from last year but I wanted to show you this recent picture of a male getting ready to take a dip.  (Sometimes I seem to forget how to operate my camera.)

This one is from last year of the female.  Notice she is brown where the male is black.

Hopefully I will have more to share of this delightful birds as the season progresses.

Well....I need to head to work.  Wishing all a day of Peace!




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