Monday, April 12, 2010

Cleaning the Water Garden Plus Bird Visits

Well, I tackled cleaning out/draining my water garden yesterday.  What a job it turned out to be!  First I pumped water into a large container using my pond pump.  I discovered my hardy Water Lily had escaped the pot!  There were huge roots which I had to break off growing in all directions plus around rocks in the pond.  I finally got the pot out.  I saved a few sections of the monster roots to share.  Using my granddaughter's butterfly net, I caught my 2 goldfish.  The Lilies and fish went into the container. 

The pump kept clogging up...what a pain!  I had to use a small pail to hand dip most of the fish poop water out.  I had enough to feed most of my flowers, trees, and shrubs.  Nothing like free fertilizer.

I had to pull out the rocks and wash them off and flush the pond several times.  Finally after 3 hours it was basically clean.  As I was cleaning the leaves from folds in the liner a nice size frog jumped out and gave me quite a fright!  Yep...he caught me off-guard.  

I refilled the pond and re-potted the Lily.  One thing I learned was not to line the bottom with rocks as they hold debris.  Rocks are added on the shelves so birds can bathe and drink.  I will wait to allow the Sun to burn off the chlorine before adding the fish.

A leak had developed after the sever freeze we had last winter.  I found one leak and hoped it was the only one.  This morning I checked the water level. Dang it....there must be another leak or more.  Looks like I my have to replace the liner if I can't find them to patch. 

This is a picture of the messy job.  I will post a picture when it is completed.

After cleaning up and changing (I smelled like fish poop), I sat and watched the birds and relaxed.  Surprisingly a couple of White-Throated Sparrows are still hanging around.  They usually have headed to their nesting grounds by now.  Maybe they will decide to nest nearby this year.  They were going into my bush pile.

The light wasn't in my favor when I took this picture of a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird.  Heck...I have trouble getting a shot of them in good light.  However, I thought this was interesting.  I never knew they liked Blueberry blooms.

Red-Bellied Woodpeckers are a year-round visitor.  They love my homemade Lard/Peanutbutter mix.  I believe they are getting use to me sitting nearby.  I can't wait to see them teach their babes how to use a feeder.  I believe this one is the female.

Thanks for the visit and I hope everyone has the time to enjoy the beauty of Nature today!

P.S.  The Carolina Chickadees are doing well.  Mom is sitting on the nest. 



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