Thursday, April 1, 2010

Added a New Bird to my Life List and An Update on the Carolina Chickadee Nest

Yesterday, my youngest sister demanded that I grab my camera and come to her Church.  They have a Killdeer nesting in a bare part of the yard.  So...I slapped on some lipstick and took the 5 mile trip.  Killdeer were on my wish list and had been evading me for years so I was very excited.  I wasn't disappointed.  This female has at least 4 eggs.  She didn't bulged an inch when my Niece's husband drove his tractor within 5 feet of her!  I have a pretty good zoom on my camera so I stayed back to take this picture.  The Pastor of the Church put large rocks around the nest.  What an interesting bird!

Now here is the Update on my nesting Carolina Chickadees.  This is a picture of the Nest taken yesterday.

Now here is one taken today.

I have two inside Cats and brush them regularly. I offer their hair in a suet feeder every Spring.  The Chickadees like to add this hair to the top of nest.  The female will use the "cat hair" to cover the eggs when she leaves the nest.

I have a Hole Restrictor ready if the Eastern Bluebirds show up and try to take over the nestbox, like they did last year.  I have 2 other empty Bluebird boxes that they can nest in. 

Wishing y'all a Stress Free Weekend and Happy Birding!!! 



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