Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Bird Seed(s) To Offer

There are many different bird seeds and bird seed blends on the market to chose from.  It can be confusing for a new bird watcher.  This is a list of a few found in this wonderful book.  I have had it for years and refer to it often.  It really has many great ideas for attracting birds to your garden.

SUNFLOWER:  Many birds love sunflower seeds!  There are three types.
     Black Oil ~ Undoubtedly the most popular type to offer.  If I were to offer just one type of seed 
                         this would be it. 
     Striped    ~  These are the grey and white seeds.  Larger than the black oil and with a tough
                         shell.  It takes a bird with a bigger beak i.e. Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Grosbeaks
                         to crack these open.   I have offered these seeds from the sunflowers grown in my
     Hulled     ~  These are also known as sunflower hearts or chips.  With no shells to break apart
                         they are mess free.  Great for areas you don't wish to have hulls littering under the
                         the feeder.  They do cost considerably more.  You may attract some birds who don't
                         normally eat at seed feeders.
     Nyjer       ~ These are also called thistle seeds.  These are imported tiny thin black seeds. They
                         a tube feeder or a sock feeder.  This is a favorite of Finches.  It is a pricey seed.
     Millet      ~ A small round seed found in most seed mixes.  White proso millet is the most
                         popular type eaten.  I offer this in a Finch Seed Blend in a feeder and on the
     Safflower ~ Another white seed which is said squirrels will not eat.  Many of the same birds
                         who like sunflower seeds are said to eat it also.  I have never offered this seed.  
                         Some folks say their birds love it....others say they won't eat it.  
     Milo         ~ This is a small round reddish seed found in the cheap bags of seeds.  This is the
                          last seed of choice for most birds in the East and Midwest.  However, it is a
                          favorite of Western and Southwestern birds.  Check to see if it is listed when
                          buying bags of mixed seeds.

I hope this helps answer questions on the bird seed! 

This is a picture I took yesterday of an American Goldfinch at one of my Black Oil Sunflower feeders.  He has a calico look as his summer coat begins to appear.:)

Wishing All A Stress Free Life!



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