Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now Why In The World Would Someone Wish To Live In A Camper?

This question has been posed to me more than once.  Here are the reasons why "I" chose to live in one.

Number 1:  It is an inexpensive way to live.  My utilities are on the light side compared to folks in a house.  I heat with an oil filled radiator and my heating bill this winter is just over $100.00 per month and it has been one cold winter!  In the heat of the Summer and it does get hot here in GA,  my bill runs around $30.00 per month.  I do have an energy saver air conditioner and keep it on that feature.  I use propane for cooking.  A 20lb tank lasts me about 2 months.  Costs for a refill is around $14.00 at the local feed store.  I also use my stove to heat water as my hot water heater rusted out and I haven't replaced it....yet.  Heck....I am happy to have running water and can live with not having hot water until I can get a replacement.

Number 2:  It is quick to clean.  Not many areas to clean in a 40x8 foot camper.:)

Number 3:  I can move it if I wish or need to.  My camper has been parked in this spot for over 8 years.  I own the camper but rent the land.  The landowner likes me here since I take care of the land.  It doesn't hurt that he is a friend of one of my brother-in-laws.

O.K. Now for the negative side.

Number 1:  O.K. there are times I wish I had more living space.  When I have more than one guest...things can get tight but only when it is cold.  In warmer weather I have an outdoor space where I can host many guests. 

Number 2:  There are no more cons I can list.  I do wish my 5 year old granddaughter would stop saying I live in a bus!  If she only knew.  Well I guess one day she will. LOL!

My camper is older.  It is a 1971 Park Camper.  A park camper is one that has no holding tank or built in furniture.  It has a regular toilet and other than having a small stove, sinks, and bath tub is more like a small trailer.  I am the third owner an paid $4,000.00 for it.  In cash of course. 

I live in the back portion of 5+ acres.  No one knows that I am here unless they travel down my driveway.  I have woods on 3 sides and it is a perfect place to attract birds and other wildlife.



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