Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nest Builting Day For The Birds & Wash Day For Me

It was a busy day for myself and a pair of Carolina Chickadees.  They kept carrying bits of nesting material into the nestbox.  I had cleaned out the box but had not removed the foam from the top vent.  I did that today when I saw one of them pecking at the foam and dropping the bits to the ground. Hmmm....I guess they wanted some ventilation. 

I checked my other two nestboxes and found the start of what looks like a Bluebird nest! It had new green pine straw and a nice cup already formed. They have been sneaking in it seems.  I really can't see the nestbox unless I am outside.  So, maybe I won't have them competing for the same box this season.  So....Spring has began here in NW Georgia.

It was a wonderful sunny day, for a change, so I washed clothes.  Yes, I have a washing machine.  This is one sturdy little washer.  Just the perfect size for a camper or other small living space.  I have had mine for 5 years and highly recommend it.

As for a dryer, well the Sun is my dryer.  Hanging wash on a clothes line is like therapy for me.  It doesn't cost anything, the laundry smells great, and the birds were singing all around me.  Not a bad way to spend some time outside.   



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