Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Meanings, Signs, and Omens of Birds In Our Life: Catbird

Back to my series.  Thanks again to Ryan T. for being my first Guest Poster! 

The Catbird is named for the catlike sound that it makes.  This bird is a very talented singer and has a variety of sounds.  This suggests a skill with foreign languages.

Should this bird appear for you it could mean a new way of communication will be learned or that you will be able to read people more easily. 

Catbirds can be it could be a caution for you to be very careful about what you say and to whom.  Also,  others could be prying into your life or you in others.  Neither are really cool.:)

An encounter with this bird suggests that you will be meeting a large range of folks than you would normally interact with.  So...look for a fresh group of people entering your life who could teach you how to communicate in new ways. 

My other younger sister has very interesting encounters with this bird.  It will show-up at her home or a parking lot where it will perch on her car mirror.  Within 2 weeks someone she knows will die or get very sick.  This has been happening to her for years.  This bird is a messenger for her.  I have to admit that this is kind of spooky.....but accept her experiences as fact. 

I took this picture last summer in my bird bath.  They are clean birds.:)

 Wishing All Well Wishes and Happy Birding!



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