Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Meanings, Signs, and Omens of Birds In Our Life: Northern Cardinal

Birds have long been believed for eons to be messengers from the Great Spirit in many cultures around the World.  Almost everyone has heard the saying "A little bird told me."  As part Cherokee Indian,  I wanted to learn more about Native American spirituality.  This led me to this fascinating subject.  So I added this aspect to my enjoyment of studying birds and understanding them.  I hope my readers will find this as interesting as I do. 

Many of us have experienced an out of the ordinary appearance or behavior from our feathered friends.  What was the bird trying to tell you?  Even everyday activity of birds can also have a meaning.  I admit it can be difficult to explain and apply such omens from birds or Nature to your life.  Yet with practice and a trust in your on intuition or gut feeling you can learn the meanings and significance.

I am starting this series with one of my favorite birds; the beloved Northern Cardinal.

Most folks recognize this pretty redbird easily.  They live year-round in many areas.  With 12 months in a year, they can reflect a year long reminder that we always have the means to renew our life force plus be aware of the importance of our roles we play in live and how it affects others we touch.

Cardinals have loud and clear whistles or calls.  This could be a reminder to pay attention and listen closely to information from other areas or people around you.  The female also sings which is uncommon in the world of birds.  So, the female represents a reminder to listen to your intuition and not disregard what it is trying to tell you.

The male is a helpmate to the female when rearing their young.  Some of the sweetest moments I have seen is watching as one feeds his young fledglings.  It is thought that this is a notice of lessons dealing with responsibilities and to focus on the task(s) before you.

Cardinals have crests.  They use them to warn rivals.  I think of them as antennas.  Maybe a need to be more alert to ill-willed folks near you is needed.

These birds were named for the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church since they wear bright red robes.  Their presences could indicate a past-life connection with the church or a renewal with any one of the many traditional religions would be of benefit to you. 

My younger sister has had a female Cardinal following her from room to room for the last 3 months.  Lady Red would not hit the windows, she would just repeated fly up into view.  She even would do this while my sis was in her bathroom and the window is frosted.  During this time my sister was helping her two sister-in-laws who were very ill.  Our own mother had fallen and had broken her hip.  Also, my sister was becoming increasingly involved at her church and studying the Bible. 

We both agreed that the female Cardinal was validating her role as a caretaker to her sick family members and that her efforts were of the utmost importance.  I also feel that it was a sign that she is on the right spiritual path. 

Cardinal were my Father's favorite.  He introduced bird watching to me as a young child and we spent many a day enjoying the birds.  He died when I was at the tender age of 16.  Anytime I long for my Dad or wish I could get his advice or just plain talk; it never fails;  a male Cardinal will make a splashy appearance in my line of vision.  I believe this is a sign from my Dad, that his spirit is near me.  This never fails to give me a sense of comfort and a huge smile.  {As I wrote this paragraph.....a male Cardinal showed up closer than normal to my window and sat looking at me for at least a minute.:-D)}

Cardinals sure do brighten up our lives and our environment.  They really bring color to a drab, cold winter day.  If one shows up for you, allow them to remind you to add some color to your life and that everything you do in life has importance!

I welcome feedback and/or stories of your own spiritual encounters with our blessed Birds! 

In closing, here are a couple of my Cardinal pictures.  Wishing Everyone a Stress Free Day!




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