Saturday, March 27, 2010

Guest Poster: Prairie Spirit

A friend who is a Naturalist and lives in the Midwest wrote this touching, beautiful article.  He kindly allowed me to share it with you.   I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I did and agree that he writes from his heart. 


He found many ways to talk to her

Mostly in a pleasant way

But when she let him visit

He felt this was the place to stay

Close to her heart and soul.
With the turn of the century, our beautiful prairies dwindled. An area that seemed so massive now became single digit percentages in many counties. We found new ways to till and tile, recreating the landscape over and over. What had taken eons to produce took only decades to reduce. And now we stand
looking at our error, wandering what to do, and where the funds will come to do it.

Sons are repairing the work of their fathers. The unity in the family spirit has always been the drive to allow the people to survive in this land. Spreading this wealth created communities, which in turn formed states and
all joined into this lovely world. It is one helping another that will allow us to survive. We have lived closely with nature and She has allowed our prosperity, only to lie in ruin from poor farming practices. We learn from our mistakes, and with current technologies, we should be able to override our errors.

What has enriched this wealth on the prairie is the diversity of cultures, which all interacted to form a perfect nation. All of us were immigrants, including the People, whom we identify as native to our land. It has been
through this blend of ideas that we have been able to grow and surpass many other countries in this world. We should welcome all newcomers to our land with open arms so as not to stagnant our passion to live well.

Our lives do go through a lot of growth and changes, but is it different from a century ago? We work and build new technologies to make our lives easier, but do we feel any different? Do we find the same love and passion as our forefathers? If we were to step back in time could we raise our families with a different method, or has it been really that much different? Sometimes the difference is blurred with the complexities we add to our lives, when we are such simple folk.

What do we need more in our lives and world, but happiness. It is how we feel we need to attain it sometimes that stops us from realizing how simple it really is. We carry it in our hearts all the time, it is just taking the time to realize it's there. It shouldn't be hard to find, but a goal you set for yourself to uphold. Go, stand in the middle of a prairie, and listen for that song. If you listen intent enough it will come to you before long. It is easy to find peace and happiness in a prairie, so set your soul free. Feel the moment one more time, happily. Close your eyes and hold out your hands, Give praises to who gave us this land and the happiness it always carries, on a gentle prairie breeze.

Find us another tomorrow

We offer you another day

Open our hearts and minds

To a much simpler way

To live our lives in this world

Helping others along our way

Makes us a better person

Each and every day.



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