Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eastern Bluebirds & An American Kestrel

I went out to fill my bird feeders and noticed a pair of Eastern Bluebirds checking out 2 of my nestboxes.  I hadn't seen the Blues in weeks.  Quickly I ran back inside and grabbed my camera.  The female flew to the woods to the left but the male stayed on the power line.  I got one so-so picture.  He was to far away and I didn't wish to scare him. 

Later on my way to town, less than a mile from my humble home, an American Kestrel was sitting on the power line along the road.  I stopped and got a so-so picture of him also.  I sat there a couple of minutes watching this handsome bird until he flew away.  No, I didn't hold-up traffic.  This is one of the good things about living in a rural area. 

As I was pulling up in my drive, I noticed a Carolina Chickadee checking out the nestboxes.  I sure hope the Dees and the Blues don't chose the same box again this year.  That happened last year and the poor Chickadees lost. They had already built a pretty moss nest and there were 2 eggs when the Blues ran them off.   I learned from that experience and will be on top of it should it happen again this year.  I will address this dilemma and what to do in tomorrows post.

All in all it was a great day for birding....not so good for taking pictures of them.  I can live with that.



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