Tuesday, March 2, 2010

After the Break-In

I had to leave my "bus" and the raw land that I had grown to love.  It just wasn't safe for a single woman alone in the woods.  The local law enforcement weren't much help and I never recovered the many sentimental items that were taken. Which was very upsetting.  The other items could be replaced.

A family member gave me a camper and I moved to a campground.  I had a time getting use to having electricity.  It took time for me to get use to turning on light switches or cooking with a microwave.  However having a refrigerator again was wonderful!  I lived there almost 3 years. 

With money from an inheritance I paid cash for my current camper and thanks to the help of a brother-in-law found this 5+ acre spot. I have lived here going on 9 years.

There was only a few trees as it had been cleared.  I put up bird feeders but waited a year before planting any flowers/plants.  I hunted for deals on plants and friends have shared their flowers with me for free.  Slowly it has become a great place for wildlife and birds!

Here is picture I took last year of my yard.

This use to be a Junkyard!



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