Saturday, March 29, 2014

Beaver Lodge at Drummond Swamp ~ Bartow County, Georgia, USA

Beaver Lodge ~ Drummond Swamp

In all my years I have seen many Beaver Dams but this is my first time seeing a Beaver Lodge and I realized that I really don't know much about these odd rodents.....yes they are in the rodent family. 

After a Google search this is a few fun fact about this interesting critter that I found on National Geographic .

They are second in manipulating and changing their environment. We humans are number one. Not surprised that we are first. 

Beavers are one of the largest rodents on Earth. 

They are monogamous. Mom and Pop live in they Lodges or Dams with newborns (kits) and  yearlings born the previous spring.  I find this fact very sweet.

Entrances into their wood and mud homes is always underwater. 

They are Herbivores eating leaves, bark, twigs, and water plants and can live an average of 24 years. 

With their paddle shaped tail which they use as a rudder can swim up to 5 miles per hour. Plus they can hold their breath underwater for 15 minutes. Wow!

Photo source: National Geographic
I enjoyed learning about our fellow developer. Hope you did as well. 

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and ALL!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rare Short-eared Owl in Bartow County, Georgia

I had the pleasure of adding the Short-eared Owl to my birding Life List a couple of weeks ago. This cute owl had been sighted at Drumond Swamp....which is only a couple of miles from my home and is a birding hotspot. I had been reading the ebird alerts about this sighting for a few weeks and finally had a day off. When I arrived at dusk another birder was there with his camera and high powered lens in place. Another birder from Atlanta joined us a few minutes later. 

We waited and at approximately 6:00 pm the Owl appeared out of nowhere. For 15 minutes we were given the show of our lives. It ended when he caught his dinner at 6:15. This was a heart-thumping encounter. He/she flew within 20 feet of us. I didn't get any pictures but the birder with the camera, Lance Marvel has been kind enough to allow me to share his photos taken that special night.

Many thanks to Lance for allowing me to share these photos. Visit his Filckr photos Nuthach74's to see more of his outstanding bird captures.

Side note: I also added Sandhill Cranes to my Life List. They were flying North over the swamp in 2 waves. This was a great day for birding. 

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Berry College Eagle Cam

I live close to Rome was really excited when Berry College with the help of Georgia Power installed camera so we all could enjoy the Bald Eagle pair in their nest. One of two eggs hatched a week ago. It is so interesting to watch as Mom and Dad feed the wee one named B3. Here is the link but can be hard to stop watching even after dark. 

Berry College Eagle Cam

This has gotten much media coverage with over 3 million viewers! The Eagles even have their own Facebook page. So go and like them at Berry College Eagles . 

Hope you enjoy the action and watch B3 continue to thrive! 

(This is a photo posted to their Facebook Page and wasn't taken by me)

Wishing, Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Wonderland ~ Northwest Georgia 02/13/14

Woke-up this morning to an additional four inches of snow. It looked like Winter Wonderland! The first thing I did was grab my camera to document this event....before it melted...

...and melt it did. I went to work at one and got home at five and almost all the snow has melted. It was nice to get out. I was beginning to get Cabin Fever. 

While I have your attention; a few Cedar Waxwings paid me a visit. This was when we were getting the sleet. This was my best photo. 

I was lucky and didn't lose power. But have to fix the water connection to my camper. Also had two large pine tree limbs crash on my Tarp Porch. Oh well....still feel lucky. 

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Birds in Snow of 02/11/14 ~ NW Georgia we go again. Our second snow thus far this year. I didn't make it in to work and will not likely make it in tomorrow. 

I took this time to shoot another video of the birds. This one has some new stars. It's only a couple of minutes hope y'all enjoy it! 

This is the upside to having snow. Just hope we don't get the Ice Storm predicted for tonight and tomorrow. 

Wishing Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Eastern Bluebirds

It is no secret that Eastern Bluebirds are on the top of my favorite bird list. I love their beautiful plumage (male and female), distinct songs, and devotion to mates and babes. 

I have been blessed to have these sweet birds nest in my bluebird boxes in past years....but they will skip a year. They check-out nestboxes in the Fall and Winter. In the South they have been known to start nesting as early as February....but this year in my area. It has been a cold winter here in NW Georgia. 

A pair visited my yard and bird bath towards the end of January. The female flew into a tree as I was focusing my camera. So only captured this handsome male. 

If you would like to have these birds hang out in your yard. Go to Sialis - Helping Bluebirds to learn how. You will not regret helping these birds continue to thrive grow in numbers.

Wishing you and myself Bluebirds!

Wishing Peace, Love, Health and Wealth to all!



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